Lyme Regis Sea School


Nikky Williams

who has been the Principal of LRSS since 2014 has decided that she can no longer commit to her role as Principal of LRSS due to the increasing demands of her career as a Commercial Skipper. Nikky had her first experience of sailing at the age of ten in a Topper when she did a course with the Sea School. She is now qualified to command vessels up to two hundred tons and is working towards three thousand. We are very proud of Nikky’s achievements and very sorry to see her go.
We are however delighted that our new Principal is Joshua Bolton who has worked with Nikky for many years as a Senior Instructor and did a brilliant job of running last years courses.

Centre Principal: Joshua Bolton

After learning to sail with Lyme Regis Sailing Club, Josh began helping out with the sea school back in 2009, and has been with us ever since! He has spent that time gaining knowledge, and working his way up through the RYA Instructor Qualifications, and after 4 years as Chief Instructor, he is now the Lyme Regis Sea School Principal. On a day to day basis Josh is responsible for the overall running of the sea school, alongside the trustees, and also has an overview of all safety, teaching, and professional development, as well as being an SRC assessor. Despite this, Josh still finds time to teach, and is normally found leading the basic youth courses. When the LRSS is in the off-season, Josh is a secondary school science teacher, working at a local school in Exeter, where he has set up a sea safety and sailing enrichment activity.

  • Senior Dinghy Instructor
  • SRC Assessor

Chief Sailing Instructor and Deputy Principal: Oliver Tucker

Ollie has been sailing with the sea school since he was ten. After several years of working his way through the RYA Instructor qualifications, he is now Chief Instructor. On a day to day basis Ollie is responsible for managing the delivery of courses to the highest standard, dealing with staff and student issues and overseeing the professional development of all of LRSS’ instructors and volunteers. He teaches a wide range of courses at LRSS, from basic youth and adult levels to the advanced modules, such as seamanship. When LRSS is in the off-season, Ollie can usually be found teaching both powerboat and sail schemes at other centres, usually on the Thames or in the London area.

  • RYA Senior Dinghy Instructor
  • RYA Instructor (Safetyboat endorsement)

Chief Powerboat Instructor: Chris Joyner

  • RYA Powerboat Instructor
  • RYA Safteyboat Instructor
  • RYA Senior Instructor 
  • RYA Day Skipper Coastal – Sail

Other Committee Members

  • Chris Joyner – Trustee, Chairman
  • Ray Waspe – Trustee, Boatswain, Senior Instructor, Powerboat Instructor
  • Hilton Davies – Trustee
  • James Thomas – Trustee, Senior Instructor
  • Ken Lavery –  Boatswain
  • Particia Williams – Secretary, Website, Catering

The TEAM and how it works.

The team of instructors which run the Summer Courses comprise between twenty and thirty individuals who are classed as Helpers, Assistant Instructor, Instructors and Senior Instructors. They are male and female and many of them gained their first experiences of sailing doing a beginners course with the Sea School aged about ten years old. Typically they will have progressed through the various RYA Stages showing enthusiasm and reaching a good level of competence. Many will have extended their sailing by joining the Lyme Regis Sailing Club or similar or perhaps have a boat that they borrow or own.
When it is judged that they are capable they are invited to become a Helper and part of the team. They work under the close guidance of the instructors and Assistant Instructors preparing and rigging boats, maintaining the equipment and doing numerous other duties. They will spend a large amount of their time sailing with the students and reinforcing the teaching aspects of the Instructors and AIs and will be ready to take over the sailing when the requirement are beyond the ability of the students.
They observe and receive training taking on increased responsibilities, until they have reached the requirements of the RYA Assistant Instructor qualification. Their responsibilities are increased and they take on aspects of tuition under the guidance of an Instructor or Senior Instructor.
At sixteen they are old enough to become a full RYA Dinghy Instructor. This involves having attained a high level of sailing ability and able to prove it by passing the RYA pre-assessment which includes skills such as sailing backwards and without a rudder. They also need to be qualified to PB2 as a Powerboat Driver, hold a current First Aid at Sea qualification and passed the RYA child protection assessment Safe and Fun. The Instructor course takes a week and is run by an RYA Coach and verified by a second RYA Coach. The courses are usually run annually through the Sea School but if there are not sufficient numbers we may use a course at another centre, usually Portland. An Instructor would generally operate under the direction of a Senior Instructor and be responsible for the delivery of the courses to two adults or a small group of youths. RYA qualified Instructors are required all over the world and many of our Instructors have taken advantage of this.
The next stage is that of the Senior Instructors who are in overall charge of all the activities and in a highly responsible position. Any RYA Course that we run must have a Senior Instructor in charge of it and it will be up to them to plan the activities with due regard to weather conditions and other factors. The youngest age to qualify as an SI is eighteen at which time they will have completed a minimum two years as an Instructor. They will be required to be a qualified Safety Boat driver and capable of dealing with all manner of rescue techniques. They do a five day course which concentrates on managing the activities of an RYA Centre.
Most of the training costs of the team are paid for by LRSS and with the exception of RYA Coaches and occasionally First Aid Instructors done by volunteers within the team