Youth Sailing Courses

Youth Sailing Courses

RYA Stage 1

This course is aimed at children with little or no experience of sailing who want to get confident in a boat in a safe but fun atmosphere. You will learn the basics of how to sail and assist with rigging a boat, whilst getting some experience in handling and steering the boat.

RYA Stage 2

Following on from stage 1 you will develop the skills you have already learned and more. This course includes things such as the 5 essentials and rope work. After the course, you will be able to tack, control boat speed and understand basic principals.

RYA stage 3

This course will focus on building on existing knowledge. Learning new sailing techniques and maneuvers, sailing in any direction, capsize recovery and sailing theory. After the course, you be able to launch & sail a dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions.

RYA stage 4

In final stage of the youth scheme you will learn rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques and manoeuvres in crewed boats, and complete a variety of manoeuvres in a crewed boat. After this course, you will be able to launch and return to a beach, jetty or mooring, and sail a crewed dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions.