Our Mission

At Lyme Regis Sea School, we believe passionately in the life-changing experience that sailing can bring about in young people. We believe that sailing is not only an excellent sport demanding both physical and mental skills, but that it is also a platform for the development of life skills which go far beyond the ability to competently sail a boat. These skills include the ability to operate as a member of a team, to communicate effectively, and to provide the leadership needed to manage both resources and people. Few activities provide the opportunity to develop these skills at such a young age and as the students progress through the various levels towards becoming a Senior Instructor, the growth in self-confidence becomes very evident. As such we regard the Sea School as a whole package in which the development of the instructional team is as important as the students’ progress.

About the Sea School

The Sea School was set up in 1995 as a registered charity designated to teach young and older people to sail. All the staff are volunteers and give up their time for the enjoyment of the sport. Consequently, our fees are low compared with other teaching centres.

The Sea School is an RYA Recognised Training Centre which is annually inspected and abides by all the requirements of the regulatory body. Our first priority is safety at all times and ALL our instructors are fully trained as either Instructors or Assistant Instructors. The Sea School owns over 30 dinghies in a combination of triple, double, and single handers, and we pride ourselves on making all our courses great fun.

Sea School Membership

The Charitable Constitution of the Sea School dictates that only members of the LRSS Trust are eligible to participate in the courses. This means to take part in any LRSS course one must be a member of the LRSS. Membership runs from 1st January – 31st December. For the safety of all LRSS Members, LRSS reserves the right to ask any LRSS Member to leave our courses if we believe them to be under the influence of drink or drugs, behaving irresponsibly, causing disharmony within our team, or endangering other LRSS members and instructors. We reserve the right to cancel LRSS Membership of anyone who causes offence to other LRSS members or instructors.

Lyme Regis Sailing Club

Lyme Regis Sailing Club provides the shore facilities for the Sea School sessions. You will find that the club members are very friendly and a pleasant informal atmosphere prevails at all times. We would certainly recommend that you join the club if you intend to continue sailing after the course.

Lyme Regis Sailing Club and Lyme Regis Sea School are separate organisations. Membership of one organisation does not give membership of the other, i.e. if you are a Sailing Club member and wish to use Sea School facilities or join a course, then you must become a Sea School member. Equally, if you are a Sea School member and wish to use the Sailing Club, then you must apply to become a Sailing Club member.